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Annual Membership, payable on 1st of January


Full Member - Adult: £45.00

Full Member - Junior: £20.00

Associate Member - UK: £20.00

Associate Member - Overseas: £45.00


Junior Members (under 21 on 1st January) may register up to five calves per year at half price. Additional registrations in that year will be charged at full price, as will any fees for herd prefix registration, inspections and transfer of ownership.


Registration of Herd Prefix (once only)


Prefix Registration Fee: £10.00


Back Copies of Herd Book


Photocopies of early herd books and copies of some recent herd books can be ordered from the Breed Secretary subject to availability. Back copies: £2.50 each (excluding P&P)


Inspection Fees (B grade females and male progeny of D grade cows)


The registration of stock subject to inspection before registration should be made at the normal time. Males to be notified in writing within 3 months of birth. Inspection to take place between 10 and 18 months of age. The following inspection fees are payable in addition to the registration fees:


Application for unregistered females into B grade register: £40.00

Application for registration of male progeny of D grade cows: £30.00


Registration Fees


Calves must be birth notified within three months of birth (free of charge). Full registration may be completed at a later date, subject to the following fees:


For pedigree and grading up females

0-3 months: £18.00

3-6 months: £36.00

6-12 months: £54.00

12-18 months: £110.00


Registration over 18 months for B grade females entering the register after inspection: £110.00 + inspection fee


For pedigree bulls born on or after 1st January 2016

There are two options. Firstly, bulls notified to the Society with ‘intention to register’ within three months of birth will be subject to a £20 fee. Alternatively, bull calves notified as ‘birth notification only’ (free of charge) within three months of birth will be subject to the following fees if the Secretary is subsequently informed of intention to register:


3-6 months: £40.00

6-12 months: £60.00

12-18 months: £125.00


Bulls will only become fully registered upon passing inspection between 10 and 18 months of age. Members will be required to apply for their bulls to be inspected with a notice of at least one month to allow the Society time to make arrangements.  




Registration fees for embryo transfers are double those payable for naturally born calves.


Transfer of Ownership

Fee to be paid by the vendor WITHIN 30 DAYS OF SALE. Please enclose fee and advise date of sale, name and address of purchaser and send with the animal's pedigree certificate to the Breed Secretary. Transfer fee per animal: £10.00.


The fees listed below were last

revised on 14th October 2017,

to apply from 1st January 2018