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Great Yorkshire Show

By Admin, Jul 14 2017 07:14AM

Tuesday 11th July 2017

Judge: Mr R Clarke, Suffolk

Female and Breed Champion: Bulby Jasmine, Delamore Farms

Junior, Male and Reserve Breed Champion: Leverington Columbus, Delamore Farms

Bull, born on or before 31st December 2015

1st: Albany Penguin, F W Cook & Son

Bull, born on or after 1st January 2016

1st: Leverington Columbus, Delamore Farms

2nd: Woodbastwick Drakkar, Rotac Farms

3rd: Templar Handsome, K & RP Harding

4th: Alcroft Goldeneye, Miss S Cook

Cow, in calf or in milk, born on or before 31st December 2014

1st: Bulby Jasmine, Delamore Farms

2nd: Alcroft Georgia, Miss S Cook

3rd: Templar Elspeth, K & RP Harding

Heifer, born on or after 1st January 2016

1st: Southill Teckle, Miss S Cook

2nd: Albany Oregon, F W Cook & Son

3rd: Tollesbury Eagle, Dr V St Joseph

4th: Templar Ginko, K & RP Harding

5th: Tollesbury Barnacle, Dr V St Joseph

6th: Woodbastwick Jolby, Rotac Farms

7th: Woodbastwick Diva, Rotac Farms

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