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Promoting Super Sucklers

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Take a look at the following ways to market the product of your herd:



Finishing for beef


    -   Finished British White steers and heifers will produce an outstanding

        carcase for butchers wanting top-quality beef


    -   Selling boxed beef direct to customers can be an excellent way to retain

        the most profit from finished animals


    -   Aim for a 'handy butcher's weight' of 280kg - 300kg dead


    -   British Whites should achieve grades between O+3 and R4L; more fat is

        achievable with time but make sure to suit the finish of your beasts to the

        customer you are providing for


Pedigree breeding stock


    -   Registering your animals with the Society opens up your customer base to

        those looking for bulls and females for pedigree breeding


    -   Attending Society-supported shows and sales will get your herd noticed

        and boost your audience


    -   A range of advertising options are available from the BWCS to help market

        your pedigree stock


    -   Contact the Society or check the latest sale reports for a guide to pricing

        your cattle for sale


Live market trading


    -   Selling stock through a live market can be beneficial, as long as you have

        realistic expectations


    -   Rarer breeds (including the British White) may achieve a lower price than

        the equivalent weight/conformation continental or more popular native

        breed; buyers tend to stick to what they know


    -   Cattle with reduced body condition or poor conformation will likely

        achieve a disappointing price in a live market


    -   Keep an eye on price trends at your local mart; well grown and finished

        cattle will sell best but try to choose the right time for the type of stock

        you are selling


Using a terminal sire


    -   If pedigree breeding isn't for you, add value to the progeny of British

        White cows by using a terminal (outright beef breed) sire and selling

        calves as stores or as finished cattle


    -   British White females are super sucklers which will wean excellent

        crossbred calves


    -   Terminal-sired calves from British White dams will display outstanding

        hybrid vigour for high daily weight gains and good health traits

Profit from British Whites

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Choosing the right outlet for your stock will help to make them a commercial success!