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Semen Storage

The British White Cattle Society is offering its members a storage facility for British White semen within the BWCS store.


-  The member will retain all rights to semen stored with BWCS


-  The member will pay for any inital transfer of straws into the Society store


-  The member will be responsible for any handling fees upon removal of straws from the Society store


-  Bills for the sale of members' straws will be between the member and their buyer


-  This facility is for BWCS members only


-  This facility is for the storage of British White semen only


Storage charges


0 - 200 straws: £100 per year


201 - 400 straws: £150 per year


401 - 600 straws: £200 pear year


601 - 800 straws: £250 per year


801 - 1000 straws: £300 per year


Please contact BWCS Breed Secretary Sarah Cook on 01954 232796 or email

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