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Suffolk Show sees De Beauvoir and Tollesbury take top prizes

It was a tremendously successful event for breeders travelling to Suffolk Show on 31st May & 1st June, particularly so for two Essex herds - the De Beauvoir herd of Mrs A Dunn, Billericay, and the Tollesbury herd of Dr V St Joseph, Maldon, which took home both the Breed Championship and Reserve respectively.

Under the watchful eye of judge Mr Paul Pennington, Bridgnorth, the Female and Breed Championships were awarded to senior heifer De Beauvoir Smart Sally, bred and owned by Mrs A Dunn, with the reserve spot going to the Male Champion, yearling bull Tollesbury Privateer from Dr V St Joseph.

Breed Champion De Beauvoir Smart Sally
Reserve Breed Champion Tollesbury Privateer

Commenting on the quality of the cattle presented, Mr Pennington wished to thank all of the breeders for putting forward such a strong lineup for him to preside over, with the standard high from top to bottom in every class.

On day two of the show, the Tollesbury herd were also awarded the reserve championship in the Interbreed Group of Three competition, with judge Mr Keith Jempson of Oxfordshire delighted to give credit to the evenly-matched group made up of senior heifer Tollesbury Pistachio alongside two yearling bulls Tollesbury Pythagoras and Privateer.


Breed Champion, Female Champion De Beauvoir Smart Sally, Mrs A Dunn

Reserve Breed Champion, Male Champion Tollesbury Privateer, Dr V St Joseph

Judge Paul Pennington presents the Breed Champion and Reserve prizes

Bull, any age 1st Tollesbury Privateer, Dr V St Joseph; 2nd Fromus Mac, Mr P Baskett; 3rd Tollesbury Pythagoras, Dr V St Joseph; 4th Albany Octavius, Mr L Cook; 5th Alcroft Goliath, Miss S Cook; 6th De Beauvoir Seaberry, Mrs A Dunn

Heifer born in 2021 1st De Beauvoir Smart Sally, Mrs A Dunn; 2nd Woodbastwick Babycham, Rotac Farms; 3rd Tollesbury Pistachio, Dr V St Joseph

Heifer born on or after 1st January 2022 1st Woodbastwick Sorcha, Rotac Farms; 2nd Alcroft Pepper, Miss S Cook; 3rd Alcroft Wallflower 5, Miss S Cook

Group of three animals, property of the exhibitor 1st Tollesbury group, Dr V St Joseph; 2nd Alcroft group, Miss S Cook


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