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2019 marks 100 years of pedigree recording for the British White breed, the first Herd Book having been published in 1919. There will be three Centenary Celebration events held to honour the occasion at the Royal Three Counties, Royal Norfolk and Royal Welsh shows, where we hope you will join us!


To see the full programme of events for 2019 click here

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JUST LAUNCHED is a brand new website, dedicated to connecting producers, retailers and consumers of British White beef:


Are you a retailer who would like to be listed on the 'Buy Beef' page? Or maybe you're a British White breeder with finished or store cattle for sale - please contact us

Take a look at our new YouTube channel, CowShedTV! 


To feature a variety of British White cattle content uploaded monthly from 'How To' videos to Q&A sessions, Society events to product reviews, our new channel promises to be fun for all ages and accessible to a wide audience, so watch this space! 

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Join us for our annual Society-supported show and sale of registered British White breeding cattle, to be held at Melton Mowbray Market on 13th & 14th September 2019.


All lots will be inspected prior to sale - click here to view the BWCS Sale Inspections Guide 



The BWCS breed stand will be in attendance at the event for all general enquiries including selecting the right bloodlines for your herd, health testing and vaccination, transport and bidding. There will be a minimum of three impartial, Society-appointed inspectors at the event throughout to provide unbiased help and advice, so please do ask!


Check out these pre-sale photos of some of the lots on offer this year...