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Check out our interactive map to buy British White beef from a dedicated supplier, or even straight from the farm! 

Some retailers also send fresh and frozen produce boxes by courier straight to your door, just visit their websites or get in touch using the contact details listed to find out. 


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Sourcing cattle

A breed with excellent eating quality, historical provenance and ability for natural finishing gives retailers the opportunity to offer a product which their consumers can buy with confidence. To source British White cattle for your business, browse the adverts on the BWCS 'for sale' page, or feel free to contact the Society with your requirements.

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Processing & packaging

Ready to start selling your own British White beef, but need to find a licensed processor? Take a look at our list of companies which offer butchery and packaging services for producers selling beef directly to the public, many of which are used and recommended by BWCS members. Do you use a company which should also be on this list? Let us know! 

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Branding & advertising

The British White Cattle Society are committed to helping retailers maximise their selling potential and can offer branded Point of Sales items such as food-grade labels for beef packs or boxes, as well as information cards to let customers know more about the breed. If your business requires branded POS material, just get in touch.



A top quality


The British White breed of cattle produces exceptionally flavourful beef, thanks to the way that these slow-maturing animals develop an intricate layer of fat woven through the muscle - also known as marbling - which is essential for a truly mouth watering taste experience. Breeders pride themselves on carefully producing animals which are healthy and able to thrive on natural pasture.

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