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Breed Standard


The British White is a naturally polled, large and hardy native breed exhibiting the dual characteristics of beef and milking ability.



Must be white with black or red points, viz. Nose, muzzle, pigment round the eyes, ears, teats of cows or rudimentary teats of bulls, hooves and splash or spots of colour on the front of each fetlock. It is preferable that the skin should show dark pigmentation.



Shall be free from slugs or rudimentary horns. It should be of a fair length from eyes to muzzle, which should be broad. The heads of bulls should be masculine in character and of cows, fine and feminine.


Body Conformation

Animals should be functional and free moving on sound feet, with a long level top line, not rising at the root of the tail, broad and expanding over loins to hips, pin bones well apart especially in the bulls. The shoulders gently sloping and well set in, the ribs well sprung. The underline should be level. The hindquarters long from hook to pin, buttocks being well fleshed down to the hocks, which when viewed from the back, should be straight, turning neither inwards or outwards.



Level, well developed but not pendulous, the teats of moderate size, set evenly and pointing to the ground. It is important that the rudimentary teats of bulls should be wide set and well developed.



Should be fine and handle well, dark pigment preferred.


'Mismarking' is also acceptable, where the animal appears overmarked in the body but could also have, for example, one or more white claws on the back feet.

Standard Marking
Standard Marking.png
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