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Bull Inspections & Covid-19: What you need to know

With the Coronavirus hindering the usual process for approving bulls for full registration by inspection, the following procedure has been adopted by the Executive Committee to allow bulls to be traded and used for pedigree breeding:

  • In individual cases where bulls are soon to be used or sold for pedigree breeding, breeders may submit their own data and photographs according to the usual bull inspections procedure, to be followed up by the BWCS at a later date.

  • Potential buyers should be made aware in these cases that a ‘self-inspection’ has taken place and that the data submitted will be verified by a Society inspector wherever the bull is then residing, once normal inspections recommence.

  • Bulls which are approved as a result of 'self-inspection' shall be granted full pedigree status and will be eligible for pedigree breeding. If a 'self-inspected' bull subsequently fails for any reason on follow-up by a BWCS inspector, any progeny conceived up to that point (but not after) may be registered as normal. The Executive Committee reserve the right to inspect any resulting progeny of a failed bull in this instance, the cost of which would be fully borne by the BWCS with no charge to the member.

  • The BWCS will not deny inspection/registration to bulls exceeding 18 months of age if they are unable to be inspected or 'self-inspected' during Covid-19 restrictions. The BWCS will work to enable the inspection, registration and sale of bulls as best we can during this time and any extra-ordinary cases will be dealt with on an individual basis by the Executive Committee.

  • If members have any questions regarding the inspection, registration, sale or purchase of bulls at this time they should contact the Breed Secretary.


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