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Cheers! Woodbastwick Babycham wins inaugural breed classes at Suffolk Show

British White breed classes were held for the very first time at the Suffolk Show near Ipswich on Tuesday 31st May and were judged by Mr James Brain, Lordswood, Warwickshire. The inaugural Breed Championship was won by February 2021-born maiden heifer Woodbastwick Babycham from Rotac Farms, Norwich. Sired by Meadowlands Pimms and out of Woodbastwick Babydoll, this homebred youngster straightaway caught the eye of the judge Mr Brain, who commented that she was ‘something very special, a super heifer’.

In the Reserve Breed Champion spot was the winner of the senior bull class and the Male Championship, 2-year-old Alcroft Gunslinger from Miss S Cook, Cambridgeshire. Reserve Champion in the male section was junior bull class winner Tollesbury Sir Pellinore from Dr V St Joseph, Essex, and Reserve Female was in-calf heifer Alcroft Glory, also from Miss S Cook.

Enjoying interbreed success on the second day of judging, the Champion British White heifer Woodbastwick Babycham was awarded the Rare and Minority Interbreed title, whilst the progeny group from Dr V St Joseph comprising young bulls Tollesbury Sir Pellinore and Sir Tristan, alongside yearling heifer Tollesbury Pistachio (all sired by Salhouse James Arthur) placed second amongst strong competition In the class.

The British White Cattle Society and exhibitors would like to thank the Suffolk Agricultural Society for accommodating these new breed classes, and for all of their hard work in organising such a fantastic and well-attended event which was a pleasure to be a part of.

Breed Champion, Female Champion Woodbastwick Babycham, Rotac Farms

Reserve Breed Champion, Male Champion Alcroft Gunslinger, Miss S Cook

Reserve Female Champion Alcroft Glory, Miss S Cook

Reserve Male Champion Tollesbury Sir Pellinore, Dr V St Joseph


Date Tuesday 31st May 2022

Judge Mr James Brain, Warwickshire

Bull, born or before 31st December 2020 1st Alcroft Gunslinger, Miss S Cook; 2nd Fromus Mac, Mr P Baskett; 3rd Fromus Reuben (R), Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust

Bull, born on or after 1st January 2021 1st Tollesbury Sir Pellinore, Dr V St Joseph; 2nd Tollesbury Sir Tristan, Dr V St Joseph

Cow, born on or before 31st December 2019 1st Tollesbury Peach, Dr V St Joseph

Heifer, born in 2020 1st Alcroft Glory, Miss S Cook; 2nd Albany Octavia, Mr L Cook

Heifer, born on or after 1st January 2021 1st Woodbastwick Babycham, Rotac Farms; 2nd Tollesbury Pistachio, Dr V St Joseph; 3rd Woodbastwick Allirog, Rotac Farms; 4th Tollesbury Coconut, Dr V St Joseph; 5th Fromus Farthing, Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust

Group of three animals, owned by the exhibitor 1st Tollesbury, Dr V St Joseph


Date Wednesday 1st June 2022

Judge Mr A Ivory

Rare and Minority Interbreed

1st British White Woodbastwick Babycham, Rotac Farms

Progeny group of three animals by the same sire

1st Simmental

2nd British White Tollesbury Group, Dr V St Joseph

3rd Lincoln Red



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