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Dallyashes Tattersett wins Three Counties Friday classes

The Royal Three Counties Show opened on Friday 17th June with a scorching hot day of judging for the British White breed classes. It was the seven-year-old breeding cow Dallyashes Tattersett from Mrs Angie Hamilton, Carmarthenshire, which topped the order on the day with her December 2021-born heifer calf Dallyashes Tattinger at foot. Mrs Hamilton stood at the top of the line just ahead of her daughter, Mrs Ruhi Pugh, Lancashire, who was awarded the Reserve Female and Reserve Breed Championships with her young cow Amaroo Meringue, a 2016-born cow also with heifer calf at foot, Amaroo Moët.

Winner of the Male Championship was senior bull Lordswood Oliver from Mr James Brain, Warwickshire. This homebred six-year-old is owned in partnership with neighbouring breeder Mr Mervyn Forster, and is sired by Mr Forster’s Elgany Fletcher. Reserve Male Champion was yearling Albany Oscar from Mr Leslie Cook, Cambridgeshire, and taking home the Halberd Trophy for Junior Champion was yearling heifer Templar Louisiana from K & RP Harding, Leicestershire.

Breed and Female Champion Dallyashes Tattersett

Reserve Breed and Reserve Female Champion Amaroo Meringue

Male Champion Lordswood Oliver


Date Friday 17th June 2022

Judge Mr Dan Bull, Dumfriesshire

Breed Champion, Female Champion Dallyashes Tattersett, Mrs A Hamilton

Reserve Breed Champion, Reserve Female Champion Amaroo Meringue, Mrs R Pugh

Male Champion Lordswood Oliver, Mr J Brain

Reserve Male Champion Albany Oscar, Mr L Cook

Junior Champion Templar Louisiana, Mr K Harding

Bull, born before 1st January 2021 1st Lordswood Oliver, Mr J Brain

Bull, born on or after 1st January 2021 1st Albany Oliver, Mr L Cook; 2nd Dallyashes Taffi, Mrs A Hamilton; 3rd Marshbrook Sovereign, Mrs E Astbury

Cow, born on or before 31st December 2019, in milk or in calf 1st Dallyashes Tattersett, Mrs A Hamilton; 2nd Amaroo Moët, Mrs R Pugh; 3rd De Beauvoir Plum Pazzazz, Mr J Brain

Heifer, born in 2020 1st Dallyashes Tapestry, Mrs A Hamilton

Heifer, born on or after 1st January 2021 1st Templar Louisiana, K & RP Harding, 2nd Oldington Artic Tern, Mr P Pennington; 3rd Oldington Ashwren, Mr P Pennington; 4th Oldington Teal, Mr P Pennington; 5th Marshbrook Muffin, Mrs E Astbury; 6th Dallyashes Tattinger, Mrs A Hamilton


Photo credit: BWCS


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