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Dallyashes Twostep takes Royal Welsh Breed Championship

Exhibitors were welcomed on Royal Welsh Monday by soaring temperatures and glorious sunshine, where maiden heifer Dallyashes Twostep from Mrs Angela Hamilton, Carmarthenshire, was crowned Breed Champion on her first ever show outing. Judge Richard McInness, Norfolk, commented that his choice for champion was “superbly well-grown for her age, a good-bodied heifer”.

Female and Breed Champion Dallyashes Twostep

Reserve Female and Reserve Breed Champion Alcroft Glory

In the reserve spot was in-calf heifer Alcroft Glory from Miss S Cook, Cambridgeshire, and in the male standings it was Castleton Ken from CMB, JAW & DM Wright, Powys, which triumphed over Alcroft Gunslinger, also from Miss S Cook, to win the Male Championship.

After a three-year wait to return to the Royal Welsh Show, the commitment by the exhibitors to return and put their best animals forward for display was wonderful to see, and was greatly appreciated by the public, who had returned in their droves to the showground once again.


Date Monday 18th July 2022

Judge Mr R McInness, Norfolk

Female and Breed Champion Dallyashes Twostep, Mrs A Hamilton

Reserve Female and Reserve Breed Champion Alcroft Glory, Miss S Cook

Male Champion Castleton Ken, CMB, JAW & DM Wright

Reserve Male Champion Alcroft Gunslinger, Miss S Cook

Bull, born on or before 30th June 2020 1st Alcroft Gunslinger, Miss S Cook; 2nd Marshbrook Mallow’s Pride, Mrs E Astbury

Bull, born on or after 1st July 2021 1st Castleton Ken, CMB, JAW & DM Wright; 2nd Marshbrook Firecracker, Mrs E Astbury

Cow, in calf or with calf at foot, born on or before 31st December 2019 1st Dallyashes Tattersett, Mrs A Hamilton; 2nd Amaroo Meringue, Mrs R Pugh; 3rd Marshbrook Dragonfly, Mrs E Astbury; 4th Alcroft Wallflower 4, Miss S Cook

Heifer, born in 2020 1st Alcroft Glory, Miss S Cook; 2nd Dallyashes Lappett, Mr M Jones; 3rd Albany Octavia, Mr L Cook

Heifer, born on or after 1st January 2021 1st Dallyashes Twostep, Mrs A Hamilton; 2nd Castleton , CMB, JAW & DM Wright; 3rd Dallyashes Taittinger, Mrs A Hamilton


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