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Members discuss bull selection and more at Winter Workshop

Held on Saturday 4th February 2023, the second annual BWCS Winter Workshop welcomed members to Albany Farm in Cambridgeshire. Topics up for discussion on the day were how to select bulls for a breeding programme - including the interpretation of data provided by the Society Bull Inspection and NBDC Type Classification Schemes - as well as herd management, nutrition and health with a view to preparing animals for show and/or sale.

A demonstration of the Society's bull inspections process was held with BWCS inspectors Keith Harding, Derek Robinson and Paul Pennington, each providing their insight on how the scheme continues to develop and what members should expect and prepare for when submitting an animal for inspection.

Bull inspections demonstration

Hosts Leslie and Sarah Cook, father and daughter owners of the Albany and Alcroft herds, presented a group of five yearling bulls for inspection, along with three older bulls at two, three and five years of age for comparison. Amongst the other youngstock on the farm were seven pedigree bulling heifers and seven pedigree yearling heifers, which, along with the adult herd of 18 registered females due to calve in the Spring, provided a broad podium for conversation around maintaining desirable characteristics in British White breeding cattle, and how to select females for breeding.

Yearling heifers for discussion

British White beef from the farm's own herd was served for lunch, and the day provided another great opportunity for members to catch up and meet new breeders. Society learning events like these are of particular value to the membership and potential hosts are always welcome to put themselves forward, so if you would like to host a visit, please contact the BWCS!


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