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Pretty as a Peach! Tollesbury herd wins Royal Norfolk Show Championship

The sun shone on the British White breed classes at the Royal Norfolk Show near Norwich on 29th June, as exhibitors took to the ring for another competitive day’s showing. On this occasion it was the five-year-old breeding cow Tollesbury Peach with her third calf at foot, owned and bred by Vivien St Joseph, Essex, who rose to the top and was selected by judge Brian Palmer as his Breed Champion exhibit.

Breed and Female Champion, Tollesbury Peach

Standing in reserve was the two-year-old winner of the senior bull class and the Male Championship, Alcroft Gunslinger from Sarah Cook, Cambridgeshire. Woodbastwick Babycham from Rotac Farms, Norfolk, triumphed in a strong junior heifer class and was also awarded the Junior and Reserve Female Championships, along with the prize for best animal bred in the county of Norfolk.

Male and Reserve Breed Champion, Alcroft Gunslinger
Reserve Female Champion, Woodbastwick Babycham

Reserve Champion in the male section was Fromus Mac, owned by Philip Baskett, Suffolk, and bred by the Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust.

Reserve Male Champion, Fromus Mac


Date 29th June 2022

Judge Mr B Palmer, Somerset

Heifer, born on or after 1st January 2021 1st Woodbastwick Babycham, Rotac Farms; 2nd Woodbastwick Allirog, Rotac Farms; 3rd Tollesbury Pistachio, Dr V St Joseph; 4th Tollesbury Coconut, Dr V St Joseph; 5th Highvale Lola, Mr M Elliott; 6th Fromus Farthing, Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust

Heifer, born in 2020 1st Alcroft Glory, Miss S Cook; 2nd Albany Octavia, Mr L Cook

Cow, in calf or with calf at foot, born on or before 31st December 2019 1st Tollesbury Peach, Dr V St Joseph; 2nd Alcroft Wallflower 4, Miss S Cook

Female Champion Tollesbury Peach, Dr V St Joseph; Reserve Woodbastwick Babycham, Rotac Farms

Bull, born on or after 1st January 2021 1st Highvale Camelot, Mr M Elliott

Bull, born on or before 31st December 2020 1st Alcroft Gunslinger, Miss S Cook; 2nd Fromus Mac, Mr P Baskett; 3rd Fromus Reuben (R), Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust

Male Champion Alcroft Gunslinger, Miss S Cook; Reserve Fromus Mac, Mr P Baskett

Breed Champion Tollesbury Peach, Dr V St Joseph; Reserve Alcroft Gunslinger, Miss S Cook

Junior Champion Woodbastwick Babycham, Rotac Farms

Best Animal bred in the County of Norfolk Woodbastwick Babycham, Rotac Farms


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