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Record-breaking prices reached at Melton Mowbray

High demand for British White breeding cattle at the Society Sale held by Melton Mowbray Market on 23rd April paved the way for both the highest male and female prices ever achieved for British Whites sold at auction, as well as a record-breaking average.

It was the two-year-old homebred bull Tollesbury Balthasar from the St Joseph family, Essex, which sold for the top price of 3500gns (£3675). Sired by former BWCS Bull of the Year Tollesbury Sir Lionel, the sale leader attracted a number of bidders before finally being knocked down to Dr Sue Bevan to join her Bulby herd in Lincolnshire.

The trade for females was equally as fiery, with hot competition for every animal forward and realising a record average of 3045gns (£3197).

The record top female price of 3300gns (£3465) was reached twice for a pair of 2021-born maiden heifers from K & RP Harding, Leicestershire. The first was Templar Larch 195, followed by stable mate Templar Leafy 197, both knocked down to Mr D Sketchley, Staffordshire.

Following closely behind in the prices were Highvale Coconut from Mr M Elliott, Norfolk at 3200gns (£3360) also selling to Mr Sketchley, as well as Templar Karrot 181, again from K & RP Harding, selling for 3100gns (£3255).

All heading to the Emily Estate at 3000gns (£3150) per head were four more bulling heifers; Templar Kazakh Maid 180 from K & RP Harding, Alcroft Geronimo and Alcroft Peony from Miss S Cook, Cambridgeshire, and Highvale Malibu from Mr M Elliott. Mr Elliott’s final lot Highvale Champagne also sold to the Emily Estate for 2500gns (£2625).


Bulls (1 sold): 3500gns (£3675)

Females (9 sold): 3045gns (£3197)


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