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Type Classification Visits 2023

If you would like to join the Type Classification Scheme for the FIRST TIME IN 2023, please let the Breed Secretary know as soon as possible, even if you do not require the visit until later in the year.

If you have never had your herd classified before, you will be eligible for up to £200 of the cost of the visit paid for by the BWCS, which will cover the full cost for the majority of breeders!

The classifiers plan their visits well in advance and it would be helpful if anyone requiring a visit during the forthcoming year could let the Breed Secretary know now, so that she can submit your herd details. Type classification is open to ALL HERDS large or small, and any breeder having had their herd classified in 2022 should have already been contacted by the NBDC to discuss their requirements for 2023.


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