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New Selling Service *FREE* for BWCS Members

The BWCS has just launched its own dedicated portal on the Sell My Livestock website to help members advertise their cattle online to a larger national audience. Adverts posted to the site will now have the option to be added to the Society portal (free of charge), assuring buyers that the animals are being sold by a BWCS member - click here to view the portal.

Adverts listed on the portal will also appear on the 'cattle for sale' page of the Society's own website, as well as in our quarterly newsletter as normal.

In addition, SML provides a secure payments service to protect both vendor and buyer in their transactions (this is completely optional, you can deal privately if you prefer), as well as a haulage booking service to find and compare quotes from over 100 approved livestock hauliers for jobs of any size.

Here's how to get started:

  • Go to the Sell My Livestock website and click 'register' in the top right corner to create an account (or 'log in' for existing account holders)

  • Once you've signed up, you can start creating your listing (any number of listings can be posted for free, or premium benefits are also available if you wish to use them)

  • Cattle do not need to be registered with the Society to be added to the portal, but they must either be purebred or sired by a registered BW bull, and be sold by a fully paid-up member of the Society

  • Once a listing is submitted, it will give you the option to add your advert to the portal - this request will then be checked and approved by BWCS

  • Need help pricing your animals for sale? Just get in touch with the Society for guidance on the latest average sale prices for pedigree breeding stock, stores and finished cattle for all outlets

  • Click here to view Sell My Livestock's FAQ page

  • They also have a useful guide to sell livestock online - click here to view

It is hoped that this service will be a helpful platform to publicise members' stock - both for breeding and for finishing - to a growing online audience of potential purchasers all over the UK. As always, if you have any questions or would like help getting started, please contact the Society.


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